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Criminal Defense & OUI

Being accused or charged with a crime is challenging ordeal for a person, with many potential consequences threatening to devastate their life if a conviction is reached.  Many people shortly after they are charged and feeling remorseful after a mistake fail to consult with an attorney and with enter into a plea agreement with the Commonwealth unaware of consequences that they can face days, months or years later.

With the help of an aggressive trial attorney on your side, you can rest assured knowing you have a full understanding of the charges you face and how to best utilize the legal options you have available. Attorney James Morse offers free consultations, so call now or email us and schedule your initial evaluation today. 


My practice focuses on OUI/DUI cases in and around the Cape and Islands.  I will help you use the right resources to make the most beneficial solutions for your situation. With a lawyer on your side, you can take confidence knowing your case is taken personally.



  • Drug Crimes 

  • Theft Crimes 

  • Sex Crimes

  • Public Order Crimes

  • Motor Vehicle Offenses


You do not have to fight for your rights and future alone. Help is available! Call or Email Attorney James T. Morse for help today.



Many people when charged with Operating Under the Influence or Alcohol or Drugs are embarrassed, feel like they made a mistake and often times just want to get the matter over with.  They make the mistake of not consulting with an attorney.  They don’t realize that their case may not be as strong as they think. Many cases involve facts strongly in favor of the defense including:


  • The investigating officer did not have enough reason for the initial stop.

  • The Field Sobriety Tests may not have been conducted in accordance with the Officers training

  • Evidence that was found may have been gathered or stored improperly.  

  • The police may have deviated from their training or policies and procedures.

  • The Breathalyzer may not be working properly or the operator was not properly trained.  

  • You were not allowed use of the phone within one hour of your arrest

  • The Bail Magistrate was not contacted within 6 hours.


These are just a few of the reasons why cases have been dismissed or evidence suppressed resulting in acquittals or reductions in charges.  


A conviction for OUI can have significant consequences many years down the road that an unrepresented person was not aware of.  Consulting with an experienced attorney is always advisable. We can help get your life back on track faster.  





BUI, like OUI, is also a serious charge that carries those same significant consequences if convicted.   Because it involves persons on the water, often for long periods of time the tests normally used by law enforcement are not available.  Attorney Morse is aware of the difficulties and complexities of BUI cases having assisted in training the U.S. Coast Guard and Massachusetts Environmental Police before becoming an attorney.


OUI or BUI is a serious charge that can carry consequences that last a lifetime.  If you have been charged with Operating under the Influence (OUI in Massachusetts, DUI in most states) of Drugs or Alcohol contact the Law Office of James Morse for a free consultation.

We can help you get your life back on track and you back on the water faster.  

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